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The Richard Hubbard Club Service Award
Rotary Club of Middlebury
A biography of Dick follows this list of recipients
                                    Recipient                               Awarded by President
            2019                 Nancy Foster                          Judson Hescock
            2018                 Bill (Buzz) Kernan                  Tom Telling
            2017                 Geoff Conrad                         Ben Fuller      
            2016                 Tim Hollander                        Geoff Conrad
            2015                 Kevin Newton                        Tim Hollander
            2014                 David Clark                             Nancy Foster
            2013                 Scott Needham                      Jason Schnoor
            2012                 Eric Denu                                Ulie Holzinger
            2011                 Roth (T) W. Tall                      Cathy Trudel
            2010                 Elizabeth (Liz) Smith              Eric Denu
            2009                 Marguerite (Maggie) Quinn       Elizabeth (Liz) Smith
            2008                 Thomas Plumb                       David S. Clark
            2007                 Fletcher “Buster” Brush         Peter Hubbard
            2006                 ______________________            Tom Plumb
            2005                 ______________________            H. Ronald Cline
            2004                 ______________________            Lewis Burridge and
​                                                                                        H. Ronald Cline
            2003                 David Clark                             Samuel Trudel
            The Richard Hubbard Club Service Award was established in 2003 by then club president Sam Trudel.  Our Rotary Club has always done a good job of recognizing outstanding citizens through our Stephen Freeman Award and Community Service Award, but Sam felt that an award that honored a Rotarian for their dedication and service was overdue.
            The award is determined solely by the club president and is awarded at changeover to the Middlebury Rotarian who, in the president’s opinion, has made a remarkable contribution to the ideals of Rotary.
            The award marks Dick Hubbard’s 40 years of perfect attendance and honored Dick for his life-long service to the Middlebury community.  Dick was a modest man by nature and in the true spirit of “Service Above Self,” he often worked quietly behind the scenes to make a difference.  He was most proud of having saved Porter Hospital from closure years ago by single-handedly orchestrating an effort in the community to raise $50,000 to pay an outstanding debt.  His work on behalf of the community extended to Middlebury College, Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History, and many other civic activities throughout his life.
            We make this award in memory of and in inspiration of Dick’s remarkable Rotary service.